General Correspondence, 1981-1983, Part 3

General Correspondence, 1981-1983, Part 3
General Correspondence, 1981-1983
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CORR320-01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07
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General Correspondence, 1981-1983
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Correspondence, mostly semi-personal with casual friends and acquaintances. Some with more close friends. Lower volume business discussions that didn't merit their own file might also appear here. There are also some fan letters and the return correspondence from the Heinleins. Some family letters. Christmas and birthday cards and other cards scattered throughout. File is sorted by Alpha on last name of correspondent.
File is primarily 1981-1983, but there are a scattering of letters from 1978-1980 included as well.
Part 1, 208 pages, continuing similar correspondence. A-B.  Highlights include: Poul and Karen Anderson, Algis Budrys, Charles N. Brown.
Part 2, 218 pages, continuing similar correspondence. C-D.  Highlights include: Michael Cassutt, Mary Collin, Jack L. Chalker, Sprague de Camp & Catherine de Camp, Tessa Dick (ex-wife of Philip K. Dick), Avram Davidson,
Part 3, 199 pages, continuing similar correspondence. E-G.  Highlights include: Harlan Ellison, Lloyd Arthur Eshbach, Jan Howard Finder, Robert Forward, Stephen Goldin, James Gunn.
Part 4, 283 pages, continuing similar correspondence. H-L.  Highlights include: Family correspondence of the Heinlein clan. David G. Hartwell, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dean Ing, Jay Kay Klein, Victor Koman, Brad Linaweaver.
Part 5, 387 pages, continuing similar correspondence. M-Q.  Highlights include: Rodger L. Morris, Frederik Pohl, Wesley Posvar, Chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh, including a 35 page brochure concerning a Pitt "Semester at Sea" program, Patti Poor.
Part 6, 230 pages, continuing similar correspondence. R-S.  Highlights include: Charles Ryan, Joel Rosenberg, Peter Samuelson, J. Neil Schulman, Thomas N. Scortia. Robert to Clifford D. Simak on the joys of a word processor rather than a typewriter for writing and how it had prolonged his writing career. Jayne Sturgeon & Ted Sturgeon.
Part 7, 177 pages, continuing similar correspondence. T-Z.  Highlights include: John Varley regarding his screenplay for "Have Space Suit, Will Travel" commissioned by MGM. A. E. van Vogt, Jack Williamson.
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